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Luxe Staging and Decorating Co.

Staging to Sell or Decorating to Stay – We Can Help with Both!

Our goal at Luxe Staging and Decorating Co. is to create an inviting space for you, working to showcase your personality and style. Whether you are creating an outstanding first impression by staging a home for sale, want a completely new design and look, or want to simply enhance and freshen up your current home or office, we can help.


Your Style, Only Better!

We believe everyone should have beauty in their home. Because of this, our hearts are dedicated to being able to decorate homes in an affordable way while providing gorgeous, inspired results. We will work within your budget, big or small. Our decorators can handle any project from styling a room with your existing items, shopping for specific items to showcase your desired look, helping with a remodel and the many paints, tile, fixtures, flooring selections, etc. that go along with it, decorating one room or completely redecorating the entire home, we do it all. We have resources, if necessary, to assist with large-scale projects, including professional interior designers and architects.

If you are interested in learning more about our services or would like pricing information, please email Hannah at design(at)luxestagingco(dotted)net.

How It All Started

As a busy realtor in 2011, Hannah Gigley realized a need of her clients while selling their homes. She began staging all of the homes she listed and noticed how much faster these homes sold compared to non-staged homes. Her clients loved the look and feel of their professionally-staged home while it was for sale. They wanted to have that same polished look in their newly purchased home. With her background in design, it was a natural progression to start a decorating company. Just like that, her Luxe Staging and Decorating Co. was born!

How It Has Evolved

After meeting and exceeding the expectations of hundreds of clients over the years, and having clients ask for help getting settled into their new home, it was time to take the staging and decorating business to a new level. Hannah recruited stagers and decorators as needed. Hannah works with clients to understand their style, their inspiration, their specific needs and leaves them with beautiful results. Hannah works with any budget to create a perfectly planned design and style for our clients.

Hannah GigleyHannah Gigley – Owner

Hannah’s love for homes goes far beyond her dedication to helping her clients buy or sell. She knows how to decorate and stage a home to successfully sell it in the shortest amount of time for the greatest price point. Hannah oversees the Luxe Staging Co. and guarantees you are sure to receive the highest quality of service. Read more about Hannah here.


Jennifer Gray  –  Stager | Decorator

Jennifer is an aspiring interior designer from Texas and is currently working as a stager/Decorator. 

Her keen eye for detail and ability  to envision design possibilities, makes her the perfect person to remodel any space. With a creative mind and a lively sense of humor, she’s sure to light up any room. 

She enjoys playing softball for her church team. She is also a member of the Pintastics bowling team. She is an award winning crafter and exceptional Karaoke singer. She and her wonderful husband have been happily married for eight years. Jennifer has two fantastic boys and two loving dogs.

For further inquiries regarding services and pricing, please contact the team at design(at)luxestagingco(dotted)net.


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