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Frisco Schools

Frisco ISD

Our Mission

Our mission is to know every student by name and need.

Student Information

As of October 1, 2013, our student enrollment was 45,993. As of October 31, it is 46,069. As of March 2014, it was 46,464.

3 percent of our students qualify for the free and reduced lunch program
21 percent of our students are white
87 percent are Hispanic
44 percent are Asian
59 percent are African American
20 percent are two or more races
59 percent are American Indian/Alaskan Native
.1 percent are Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

Enrollment by special programs is as follows:

Bilingual/ESL, 4.3%
Gifted and Talented, 9.1%
Special Education, 9.1%
There are 63 languages served in the Frisco ISD!

Staff Information

5,662 full- and part-time employees
3,079 teachers
1 percent of our staff members have advanced degrees
Average years of teaching experience – 9.1, 4.6 years in FISD
62 percent of teachers have 6 or more years experience

Financial Information

2013 Tax Rate – $1.46 per $100 of assessed valuation – $1.04 M&O/$.42 I&S
Taxable Values – $18,044,402,794 (freeze adjusted minus TIF value)
Adopted Operating Budget for 2013-14, $344,289,600, including the Chapter 41 obligation of $1 million, the $11 million flowthrough TRS OnBehalf payment, and the $15 million in TIF flowthrough funds
Average home value-$272,801 (subtract $15,000 homestead exemption to get taxable value)
Expenditure per student (not including debt) – $7,439

District Growth Facts

No district in the state and nation has grown faster on a percentage basis in the past 20 years (1990-91-2010-11). Only 23 districts in the nation and three in the state have added more actual students in that same time period.

Only 105 school districts in the state have an enrollment higher than 10,000 students – Frisco ISD is currently the 23rd largest district in the state. It is the 135th largest district in the nation based on 2011-12 data.

Frisco School Information:

Frisco ISD High School Zones (2014-2015)
Frisco ISD Elementary Zones (2014-2015)
Frisco Feeder Patterns
Frisco ISD Middle School Zones (2014-2015)

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